The word “Redskins” is racist. Yet our nation’s capital plays host to an NFL organization that uses the term as its team name, the Washington Redskins. It’s offensive. It’s unnecessary. And it needs to be replaced.

That's where the Redskins Web Skin comes in.

Simply install the extension into your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browser to replace the term “Redskins” with a more dignified term on the web. And then sign the petition to make Dan Snyder replace the term with something more noble on the field.

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“[I wish] the NBA’s Donald Sterling controversy would have been a catalyst to reignite the conversation over Washington's controversial team name.”

Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

“It’s a pejorative term. And it needs to change. I mean, you would never go into a conference of Native American people and walk up in front of them and refer to them as redskins.”

Mark Schlereth, Former Washington Redskin

“I aim to scalp more than just tickets at Redskins games.”

Redskins Ticket Broker

“If you look it up in the dictionary, it’s an offensive term. [...] If it offends anyone, the name should be out.”

Jason Taylor, Former Washington Redskin

“The name ‘Washington Redskins’ sounds good to me.”

Deaf People

“…a crude word, even if not intended to insult."

Marv Levy, former NFL coach

“I see nothing wrong with the name.”

Blind People

“I definitely think the name should be changed ... it’s offensive because a group of people that that moniker represents has said so.”

Tre' Johnson, former Washington Redskin

“The Redskins name is racist to me.”